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October 14, 2021   •   2 minute read

Cybersafe Spotlight: SOL Training

Cybercriminals are crafty. While a skilled cybercriminal can gain entry into your system through a backdoor, malicious code, or another technologically advanced technique, sometimes the easiest entry point is the simplest: deception. Phishing attacks are designed to appear legitimate while actually stealing critical data, such as login credentials or banking information, and/or installing malware on your system. SOL Training prepares your employees to identify phishing attempts to prevent your business from falling victim. 

What Is Phishing? 

Phishing is a social engineering ploy involving a threat actor sending a fraudulent message to trick users into installing a malicious program or sharing private information. Even with the strongest defenses in place, one unsuspecting employee could accidentally hand a threat actor everything they need to do serious damage. 

Security provider Proofpoint’s “2021 State of the Phish Report” notes 57% of organizations surveyed experienced a successful phishing attempt in 2020. Approximately 60% of these attacks resulted in a loss of data, and 52% led to credential or account compromise. According to Verizon’s “2021 Data Breach Investigations Report,” phishing is present in 36% of breaches.

Because of its prevalence and relatively high success rate, phishing is a major threat to any business

How Does SOL Training Help? 

Proper training is one of the best ways to stop phishing attacks dead in their tracks. In fact, 80% of organizations utilizing security awareness training observe a reduction in phishing susceptibility. SOL Training achieves this through several key features, including: 

Managed Training Campaigns

Sometimes, getting everyone on staff to complete a training program is half the battle. Cybersafe removes much of this burden by setting up your campaign and following up with users to ensure they complete their training.

Custom Phishing Templates

To maximize results and simulate a polished phishing attack, we use custom email templates with personal details that appear both realistic and relevant. 

Simulated Attachments

We can further customize phishing templates to include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF files— or zipped versions of these—to test who will open suspicious attachments.

Custom Landing Pages

When users click links on our customized landing pages, SOL Training provides additional,  real-time guidance to help them learn from their mistakes. 

Detailed Reporting

SOL Training’s detailed reports illustrate training effectiveness and compliance to show you how your team is doing. An overview of your current campaign or comparison to the last five campaigns helps monitor progress. 

The SOL Training Process

  1. Assess phish-prone users through a simulated attack.

  2. Train employees in spam, phishing, and malware through an on-demand, web-based program.

  3. Phish employees with simulated attempts to test their susceptibility to social engineering attacks.

  4. Report on training effectiveness and compliance.

The experts at Cybersafe Solutions are here to support multiple aspects of your cybersecurity program. From state-of-the-art, continuous monitoring through SOL XDR to Breach & Attack Simulation for security control validation, our services and solutions can help fortify your defenses. Regardless of your current cybersecurity posture, trusting SOL Training to prepare your employees to face phishing attacks can transform them into powerful weapons against social engineering attempts.