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Private Equity Firms

Safeguard your portfolio companies against evolving cybersecurity threats with Cybersafe Solutions.

Your Investments Are Your Responsibility

As stewards of significant investments, Private Equity firms must traverse a complicated path of opportunities and risks. Your mission is to maximize returns while protecting the value and reputation of your portfolio companies against cyber threats.

Cybersafe Solutions: Your Partner in Cyber Risk Reduction

Cybersafe Solutions specializes in supporting Private Equity firms through comprehensive cybersecurity assessments and strategies. From due diligence to post-investment management, your investments are shielded from cyber threats. 

You’ll have access to:

Due Diligence

We assist in evaluating cybersecurity risks during your pre-investment phase, identifying potential weaknesses to prevent future financial, reputational, and legal issues. Our action plan for the first 30/60/90 days post-close is designed to correct any identified deficiencies swiftly. 

Post-Investment Management:


Risk Mitigation Strategy

Incorporating cybersecurity risk assessments into your internal risk management policies, we identify vulnerabilities and quickly address concerns to minimize the impact on your investment’s value.


Compliance with Industry Standards

Our solutions align with recognized cybersecurity frameworks such as HIPAA, NIST 800-171, or ISO/IEC 27001, aiding your portfolio companies in achieving and maintaining compliance.


Reputation Preservation

With Cybersafe’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR) option, gain 24/7/365 visibility to protect your firm’s reputation and maintain stakeholder trust.


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Mitigate the risk of legal liabilities, regulatory fines, and other penalties by keeping your investments tethered to cybersecurity best practices.


Securing Your Mergers and Acquisitions

Streamline M&A processes with a comprehensive cybersecurity framework. From initial assessments and network integration to endpoint security alignment and beyond, maintain your operational continuity and minimize risks before you commit to an acquisition. 

An abstract cybersecurity background with a shield and lock icon in the center.Case Study

Use Case: Alpha’s Cybersecurity Overhaul with Cybersafe

Alpha, a prominent investment firm overseeing a diverse range of companies, aimed to enhance their cybersecurity practices across its holdings. Teaming up with Cybersafe allowed them to craft a standardized cybersecurity framework tailored to each company's specific needs and vulnerabilities. 

The strategy began with a thorough assessment of existing security set ups across the portfolio companies, where Cybersafe collaborated closely with the individual companies and their investment teams to implement robust measures, including endpoint detection and response, security information event management, external attack surface management.

Continuous monitoring and support from Cybersafe ensure the efficacy of their information technology practices. This strategic initiative not only mitigates risks but also enhances operational efficiency and enhances trust in the security and resilience of the portfolio companies.

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