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Top managed service providers, VARs, and consultants nationwide have partnered with Cybersafe to strengthen their cybersecurity programs—and those of their clients.

Why Choose Cybersafe as Your Partner?

Cybersafe recognizes the significance of meeting clients where they are in their cybersecurity journey:

  • Enhance Your Security Offerings: Integrate Cybersafe’s cybersecurity solutions to give your clients unmatched visibility.
  • Foster Innovation: Drive innovation and deliver powerful solutions to your clients, while addressing their evolving challenges through joint selling opportunities.
  • Expand Market Reach: Amplify your market presence and stimulate demand by leveraging Cybersafes value-added solutions, services, and strategic insights to effectively scale your go-to-market efforts.
  • Maximize ROI: Access tailored sales tools, marketing perks, and security specs to optimize investments and showcase the benefits of partnering with Cybersafe.

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is independent of any specific commercial product, allowing partners to customize solutions based on their clients’ unique needs and existing security investments. This flexibility delivers the most effective cybersecurity measures, tailored to specific requirements and setups. Our commitment to vendor neutrality boosts partners’ credibility and expands their market reach.

Should gaps arise in a client's cybersecurity framework, our partner program provides rapid solutions through additional commercial agents and proprietary support via our custom-built SOAR. We prioritize swift action to enhance defenses and mitigate risks. Moreover, our comprehensive approach includes necessary licenses, offering a convenient, all-in-one solution for cybersecurity needs, ensuring easy integration and superior protection for all involved.

Cybersafe for...


Cyber Insurance Providers 

Cyber insurance providers supply essential protection against client risks. Accurately assessing and mitigating these risks is vital for effective coverage, where the balance between prevention and detection is most noticeable. Collaborating with Cybersafe before renewal allows clients to improve their security posture, strengthen detection capabilities, and implement measures to minimize risk.


Incident Response Firms 

Incident response (IR) firms are experts in addressing active security incidents and breaches. However, when they are already managing an ongoing incident, access to extensive SOC monitoring and additional expertise becomes crucial. Our partnership provides IR firms with supplementary intelligence, advanced detection capabilities, and expert analysts. This support enhances their response efforts and helps effectively manage the impact of the incident on the client's organization.


Value Added Resellers 

Designed to enhance product sales, VARs can offer their clients a single-pane-of-glass solution that integrates existing hardware and software investments into a managed security service. This approach adds value and provides a competitive edge by differentiating their offerings in the market.


System Integrators 

Often responsible for designing, implementing, and managing complex IT infrastructures for their clients, System Integrators receive questions on proper security protocols. Our program allows SIs to enhance their integration projects with advanced security solutions and services so that clients' IT environments are secure, resilient, and compliant.


Technology Consultants 

As a trusted advisor, technology consultants are called upon to present strategic guidance and recommendations to address their IT and security challenges. Our program delivers specialized security expertise, threat intelligence, and risk assessment methodologies. This enables actionable security insights and recommendations for all clients. 


Cloud Service Providers 

CSPs play a crucial role in providing cloud-based infrastructure and services to their clients. However, the security of cloud environments is a shared responsibility. Clients benefit from the collaborative efforts of Cybersafe and their CSP, receiving secure and compliant cloud environments that meet their business needs. Through this partnership, clients experience improved cloud security, data protection, and regulatory compliance, helping them leverage the benefits of cloud technology with confidence.


Compliance & Governance 

Compliance and governance consultants help organizations navigate regulatory requirements and industry standards, but keeping security compliant is a complex and challenging endeavor. This partnership offers advanced security measures to assist clients with achieving compliance. 

Why MSPs Choose Our Partner Program

Our MSP partnership program fosters successful collaboration by combining your expertise with our comprehensive capabilities. Enjoy real-time visibility, extensive threat intelligence, advanced technology, and industry-leading solutions—all through a single, unified platform.

We work closely with managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver an integrated portfolio of top-tier cybersecurity solutions, offering a holistic approach to asset protection. Additionally, our streamlined services simplify the management and monitoring of all security operations.

Our partnership goes beyond security—it empowers you to deliver comprehensive, seamlessly integrated solutions with unified management, enabling superior client service and security outcomes.

MSP Enablement Program

Dedicated to success from day one.

Our enablement programs are designed to equip our valued partners with the knowledge, training and tools needed to seamlessly integrate our solutions into their services.

Our partnership initiatives ensure that our joint customers receive best in class client experience delivered by trained cybersecurity professionals. By leveraging our enablement program, MSPs gain expertise in both solution sales and technical implementation calibrated specifically to their needs.

Our training resources are conveniently accessible and provided at no cost to our partners.

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