Backed by Advanced Technology

Incident Response

Business resumption and incident response: backed by advanced technology and experts in cybersecurity. Employ quick and effective response to a breach to limit the damage.

Cybersafe’s key focus is to eradicate the hacker and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our team of certified forensic and incident response experts has the tools and capabilities to perform remote forensics across thousands of systems.

Building upon a proven track record in the defense, public, and financial sectors, Cybersafe’s experts have created a powerhouse program in incident management, forensic analysis, application, and enterprise network security assessments. 

Our primary investigative tools in incident response, forensics, and information security are Cybersafe’s proprietary advanced malware detection and incident response platform.

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The 6 Steps of Cybersafe's Incident Response Handling Process

As part of our fundamental approach to digital forensics and incident response, our team incorporates elements from prevailing security frameworks such as NIST SP 800-61 and FIPS 200 to ensure all incident response activities are fully compliant.

1. Preparation

We emphasize maximum system availability by concentrating on preparation and prevention. It’s important to ensure all endpoints, networks, and applications are secure while leveraging our expertise to develop incident response and resolution policies and procedures. Doing so provides our incident handlers with a precise roadmap that covers the lifecycle of an incident, from identification to recovery.