Industry Specialization


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The manufacturing industry poses a unique challenge for cybersecurity programs. 

The manufacturing sector has a lot of moving parts, with information going in and out from businesses.

It also relies heavily on the use of artificial intelligence. The industry was one of the first to integrate robotics into its assembly lines and to include advanced automation into the very foundation of the sector. 

Networked robots, mobile robots and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and the integration of AI bring great efficiencies to manufacturing company, but they also bring risks. 

If the AI is not properly embedded with cybersecurity at the front end, it poses threats to the entire sector. 


Cybersecurity specialist checking servers


Cyber attacks target businesses for a handful of reasons.

Mostly, these attacks are financially motivated, although the industry is susceptible to espionage-based attacks as well

No matter the motivation, businesses face similar problems as they attempt to recover:  

  • A loss of day-to-day production
  • No deliveries or shipments
  • Inability to pay or purchase from suppliers
  • Loss of connectivity to freezer or refrigeration systems
  • No data connectivity between facilities

Cybersafe provides protection through SOL XDR, a 24/7/365 endpoint and network monitoring cybersecurity solution. 

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