Putting Your Systems & Users to the Test

Security Awareness Training & Simulated Phishing Tests

Security awareness is an integral job function for the entire organization to avoid security risks.

Detect security gaps before hackers do

Breach & Attack Simulation

“If you can’t see it, you can’t defend against it.™"

Simulated testing for security control validation: Test your defenses and know your security posture.

Email Gateway

Tests email security controls to determine if malicious emails could bypass your organization’s first line of defense and reach your employees’ inboxes.

Web Gateway

Tests your organization’s HTTP/HTTPS outbound exposure to malicious websites.

Endpoint Security

Tests your organization’s endpoint solutions to protect against the latest attack vectors.

Lateral Movement

Imitates how a hacker moves laterally in search of valuable assets.

How well do your security controls and policies detect and stop attackers? Where are you vulnerable? Are your systems secure against the latest threats?

Want to learn more? Download the factsheet (PDF)

Want to learn more? Download the factsheet (PDF)

Breach and Attack Simulation leverages hackers’ tactics to uncover security gaps and provide mitigation recommendations.

We have the capabilities to test the following vectors:

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