Identify Threats that Exist in Your Systems

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Partner with the experts at Cybersafe Solutions to perform an objective evaluation of your organization’s cyber risk.

Identify Risks and Strengthen Your Security Posture

Cyber Risk Assessment

“If you can’t see it, you can’t defend against it.™"

Cybersafe Solutions offers comprehensive cyber risk assessment services to evaluate your IT infrastructure, systems, policies, and procedures, and provide expert recommendations.

Identify and remediate gaps in your systems before they’re exploited.

Cybersafe provides full visibility into your systems so you can maintain compliance and bolster a cybersecurity posture that defends against evolving threats.

Our Cyber Risk Assessment Services

In partnering with Cybersafe for a thorough risk assessment, you receive:

Scope of Assessment

Our team defines the systems, applications, and networks to be evaluated, while factoring in relevant compliance regulations.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

We utilize a combination of manual and automated techniques, along with high-level questionnaires to uncover potential vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Readiness & Prioritization

We determine which security domains to prioritize based on risk potential, strengthening your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Detailed Reporting

Our extensive reports consist of an executive summary for management, findings, recommendations, and technical details to help IT staff mitigate risks.

Use Cases



Remain compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and other regulations, which require organizations to demonstrate adequate security measures are in place to protect sensitive data.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Posture

Identify risks that could lead to breaches, data theft, or other cyber attacks, and swiftly mitigate them with Cybersafe’s recommendations on potential impact.

360-Degree Visibility

Have full visibility into all your IT systems and infrastructure, including software, hardware, networks, and applications.

Cybersafe’s Risk Assessment Process

Our proven risk assessment framework uncovers and closes gaps in your systems, enhancing your ability to protect your business against ever-changing threat strategies.


1. Initial Consultation

We partner with you to understand your cybersecurity needs and determine the assessment’s scope.

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2. Assessment

Cybersafe performs a comprehensive evaluation of your cybersecurity posture, IT infrastructure, policies, and procedures.

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3. Analysis

After analyzing results, we identify security gaps within your systems and prioritize risks based on potential impact.

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4. Reporting

Our detailed reports include an executive summary, findings, recommendations, and technical details for IT staff.

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5. Presentation

Our team presents these findings to management and IT personnel.

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Our risk assessment services improve your security posture and save costs. Experience gained confidence in your cybersecurity, among these other benefits:

  • Improved Security Posture: Conducting a thorough audit of potential security risks in your systems enables proactive mitigation, enhancing your cybersecurity posture.
  • Maintain Compliance: Our assessments are compliant with regulatory requirements, and leverage elements from prevailing security frameworks NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls).
  • Cost Savings: Considering the substantial expenses related to onboarding new IT staff for in-house risk evaluations, coupled with the potentially severe financial consequences of cyberattacks, choosing to outsource to the skilled professionals at Cybersafe becomes a more efficient and economical option.
  • Actionable Expertise: Our detailed reports and recommendations are tailored to your organization’s specific risk posture, security controls, and cyber practices. 
  • Protect Business Continuity: Empowering your staff to curb threats before they strike helps ensure business continuity and productivity—both of which are often compromised in a cyberattack.
  • Enhance Stakeholder Confidence: When your stakeholders and investors know their data is being protected, this enhances their trust and confidence in your business. 
  • Cyber Assurance: Experience the peace of mind that comes with full visibility into the potential risks within your systems.

As the cybersecurity space continues to evolve, it’s not a matter of if your systems will be attacked, but when.

A proactive approach of assessing and mitigating risks empowers you to defend effectively against the tactics of emerging threat actors, fortified by an optimized cybersecurity posture.