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December 23, 2021   •   3 minute read

Cybersafe Spotlight: Breach & Attack Simulation

Your business’s security controls stand between your systems and a major breach that could cost your organization millions. While you may have put a lot of time and effort into developing reliable solutions, how can you be certain they’ll be effective when you need them most? The answer is utilizing simulated testing to validate your security controls. Cybersafe’s Breach & Attack Simulation carefully tests your defenses to provide insight into your security posture. 

What Does Cybersafe’s Breach & Attack Simulation Include?

Email Gateway

Our Email Gateway simulation vector tests email security controls. Can malicious emails with ransomware, worms, Trojans, or similar attacks bypass your organization’s defenses and land in an unsuspecting employee’s inbox? 

Web Gateway

Your secure web gateway and web proxy should analyze traffic to help keep you safe, but are they effective? Cybersafe’s Web Gateway uses a database of malicious and compromised websites to test your web security controls against potential inbound and outbound exposures.

Endpoint Security

How well do your endpoint security controls perform against behavior and signature-based attacks, such as ransomware, worms, and Trojans? Cybersafe’s Endpoint Security simulation vector evaluates their effectiveness over time against a comprehensive list of current attacks.  

Lateral Movement

Simulating a threat actor with control over a single, compromised workstation, Cybersafe’s Lateral Movement vector attempts to move laterally within the organization to gain wider access, elevate privileges, and mimic preparations for a breach or ransomware attack. 


Data Exfiltration

Could a threat actor access sensitive data, such as financial information and personally identifiable information (PII)? We’ll test the outbound flow of critical information to evaluate your data loss prevention (DLP) controls.

Phishing Awareness

Would your employees recognize a phishing attempt? This vector evaluates their security awareness using a customized phishing campaign to identify potential weaknesses in your organization. 

Recon & Attack Surface Management

What would a threat actor discover when doing reconnaissance before an attack? Our comprehensive analysis of the target organization mimics a threat actor’s planning stage, incorporating domain scans, subdomain scans, and open-source intelligence.

The Breach & Attack Simulation Process

1. Simulate

We simulate the latest attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) in your environment.

2. Evaluate

We assess your control effectiveness, highlighting security gaps.

3. Remediate

We suggest mitigation measures to fortify your posture.

How Does Breach & Attack Simulation Differ From Penetration Testing?

While Cybersafe’s Penetration Testing sets out to achieve a specific objective and report on the findings, our Breach & Attack Simulation has a broader scope. It specifically tests individual security controls, in addition to the full kill chain, against known threats. This can provide a more comprehensive overview of your security posture. As a bonus, it's quick and cost effective, empowering you to make improvements immediately based on our ready-to-use reports. 

Key Benefits of Cybersafe’s Breach & Attack Simulation

  • Quick Deployment

    A single lightweight agent runs unlimited simulations, deployed in just minutes.

  • Rapid Results

    We deliver actionable technical and executive reports within minutes, so you can get to work immediately.

  • Customizable

    In addition to the main Breach & Attack Simulation package, you can select add-ons based on your unique needs. As a bonus, API integrations work seamlessly with your existing systems. 

Cybersafe Solutions leverages extensive experience and the latest technology to provide state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions and services. Our Breach & Attack Simulation is a convenient and effective measure to validate your controls, but your cybersecurity efforts shouldn’t stop there. Around-the-clock monitoring with SOL XDR gives you a clear window into your endpoints, networks, and cloud so you can detect attackers before they do serious damage. Contact us today to discuss the best methods for improving your company’s security posture.