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December 02, 2021   •   3 minute read

Threat Hunt: Compromise Assessment

Would you know if a threat actor were already in your environment? For many businesses, the answer to that is a resounding “No.” And the more time you give cybercriminals unfettered access, the more damage they can do. Compromise Assessment by Cybersafe Solutions is a proactive means to locate undetected compromises so you can quickly assess your endpoints for malware, backdoors, elusive rootkits, and other tampering.

What You Should Know About Cybersafe’s Threat Hunt: Compromise Assessment

Threat Hunt examines all of your IT endpoints, including desktops, laptops, and servers. This comprehensive compromise assessment encompasses the following: 

  • Examining endpoints for suspicious code and other signs of compromise
  • Seeking out persistence mechanisms threat actors use to maintain system access across reboots
  • Inspecting volatile memory for indications of hidden processes or other manipulation
  • Detecting disabled security controls, including antivirus software and Windows Defender
  • Confirming that critical operating system files haven’t been altered
  • Uncovering unauthorized remote access tools
  • Compiling a comprehensive report to steer your next actions

Key Benefits of Threat Hunt: Compromise Assessment


We deploy sensors that automatically scan your system. Once their work is done, they dissolve so that there’s no left-behind code or need for post-hunt cleanup. 

Up-to-the-Minute Expertise

Cybersafe’s expert Threat Hunt team relies on data from hundreds of cybersecurity industry sources for greater effectiveness. 

Cost Effective

Our Threat Hunt costs a fraction of the price of recovery from a full-blown breach. In some instances, it could save you millions of dollars, along with your reputation

Why Use Threat Hunt?

Most businesses recognize that being aware of threats and vulnerabilities is valuable, but they may not understand the full value of a thorough compromise assessment. 

Here are several reasons why your business should utilize Threat Hunt: 

  • Determine if you’ve been breached.
  • Accelerate your response.
  • Uncover threats to limit damage. 
  • Reduce attack surface and exposure.
  • Enhance visibility into your weaknesses.
  • Recognize the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of an adversary.
  • Improve your defenses to make attacks more difficult.
  • Reduce risk to your organization.

Use Cases for Threat Hunt: Compromise Assessment

Conducting regular compromise assessments can be beneficial regardless of your company’s current situation, but some instances make a Threat Hunt especially pertinent. 

Security Program Audit

A compromise assessment can validate your security controls and catch threats already in your environment. It also highlights which defenses function properly and which are obsolete.

Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance

Compromise assessments are an effective risk management tool. Not only do they show your company’s due diligence, but they also provide evidence you’re free from malware. Without sufficient detection, you’re essentially allowing threat actors free reign inside your environment, which can open you up to costly lawsuits and regulatory fines.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Before any merger or acquisition, a compromise assessment should be conducted during the due diligence phase. An existing compromise can negatively impact the value of a target company and put the buyer at risk. 

Third-Party & Vendor Risk Management

Sharing data and/or intellectual property with new vendors, contractors, suppliers, or partners creates risk. Conducting a Threat Hunt of the networks of these third parties can help confirm they’re equipped to handle confidential information.

Cyber Insurance

Before issuing a cyber insurance policy, an underwriter may require a compromise assessment for better actuarial decision-making. An annual follow-up compromise assessment may be used as a third-party audit to confirm the policyholder is taking the necessary steps to detect and report breaches.

Threat Hunt is a fast and effective way to track down adversaries already in your environment. With Cybersafe’s team of cybersecurity experts and cutting-edge technology, you can trust you’ll receive one of the most advanced compromise assessments on the market. 

For the highest standard of detection, containment, and response, also consider implementing SOL XDR continuous monitoring. This solution provides full visibility into your endpoints, networks, and cloud. Contact us today to chat with an expert about what services and solutions are best for your business.