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September 30, 2021   •   3 minute read

Cybersafe Spotlight: SOL SIEM

Many businesses store data offsite as an additional layer of security and convenience. Should a cybersecurity incident occur, they can just retrieve the affected data without interrupting business...or can they? Threat actors can infiltrate the cloud and network in addition to endpoints, so your backup plan may not be as secure as you think. To address these risks, SOL SIEM brings together five powerful security tools in one, easy-to-use platform for managed detection, containment, and response for your network and cloud. 

What Makes SOL SIEM Ideal for Securing Your Network & Cloud Environments?

Real-Time Monitoring

SOL SIEM monitors your network and cloud in real time, enabling you to act quickly should it detect a threat. Any delay gives threat actors time to do damage, so you can’t just wait for a periodic cybersecurity evaluation. 

24/7/365 Coverage From Cybersecurity Experts

Hackers work around the clock to breach your systems, necessitating continuous monitoring for signs of intrusion. Most businesses can’t afford to hire staff to work overnight, on weekends, and during holidays, leaving gaps in their coverage. However, Cybersafe’s U.S.-based security operations center (SOC) never takes a day off—so threat actors can’t make headway when no one’s looking.

Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

Utilizing data from dozens of global threat intelligence sources, Cybersafe’s expert team carefully analyzes the latest threats to better safeguard your infrastructure.

Asset Discovery & Inventory

SOL SIEM’s active and passive network discovery inventories all the assets on your network to give you a clearer picture of what tools are present. This can help you detect unlicensed software modules hackers may use.

Vulnerability Assessment

Active network scanning and continuous vulnerability monitoring pinpoint weaknesses in your systems that hackers may attempt to exploit, giving you the opportunity to patch gaps before it’s too late.

Intrusion Detection 

SOL SIEM not only detects known threats in your cloud and on-site networks but also looks for verified attack patterns to help identify potential intrusions against your assets. 

Behavioral Monitoring

NetFlow analysis, service monitoring, and deep packet analysis monitor network traffic for signs of suspicious activity. 

SIEM & Log Management

SOL SIEM includes built-in SIEM and log management to gather and analyze network event data.

The SOL SIEM Process

  1. Assess the Network & Cloud

  2. Detect Threats

  3. Alert to Suspicious Incidents

  4. Plan an Appropriate Response

Critical Advantages of SOL SIEM

  • Valuable Insight: SOL SIEM gives you greater visibility into your networks and cloud. 
  • Monitoring of Cloud Assets: While some security programs overlook cloud-based data, SOL SIEM carefully analyzes cloud assets for a higher degree of protection.
  • Visibility Into Third-Party Risk: All businesses face third-party risk. If a vendor, client, supplier, or other party has access to your network, they can expose it to hackers via email exchanges, infected downloads, and/or malicious links. That’s why SOL SIEM carefully tracks third-party access. 
  • Unparalleled Expertise: Cybersafe’s team includes leading experts in the field of cybersecurity. We created SOL SIEM to leverage our knowledge and experience to provide businesses with the most advanced network and cloud monitoring. 
  • Proactive Identification of Vulnerabilities: Detecting vulnerabilities in your network and cloud before cybercriminals do enables you to correct deficiencies and fortify your defenses. 
  • Capabilities Beyond Most Regulatory Requirements: While SOL SIEM can help you achieve compliance with most regulations, it goes far beyond that by monitoring, documenting, and reporting on vulnerabilities and incidents for a more robust posture.
  • Rapid Threat Detection, Containment & Eradication: When an incident occurs, time is of the essence. Any delays can give threat actors the jump they need to wreak havoc. SOL SIEM’s rapid detection, containment, and eradication capabilities minimize damage by cutting dwell time. 

SOL SIEM can bolster your cybersecurity posture by providing the essential capabilities to protect your network and cloud environments. This solution comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee to monitor your systems. You can’t go wrong with SOL SIEM, but for an even higher level of visibility, consider SOL XDR. Contact us today to discuss which of these powerful solutions is right for your business.