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October 26, 2023   •   2 minute read

Case Study: How Cybersafe as an Intuitive SOC Thwarted a Living Off the Land Cyber Attack

In the world of cybersecurity, being proactive is no longer an option; it's a necessity. Organizations face increasingly sophisticated threats, including attackers who employ advanced tactics to infiltrate systems while remaining hidden in plain sight. In this case study, we cover how Cybersafe’s Security Operations Center (SOC) responded to a major player in the financial services sector by thwarting a Living Off the Land (LoL) cyber attack. We'll refer to this company as 'XYZ Corporation' to protect its anonymity. 

The Client: 'XYZ Corporation' 

'XYZ Corporation' is a well-known entity in the financial services industry. With an extensive digital footprint and a wealth of regulated data to protect, cybersecurity is a top priority. Recognizing the evolving threat landscape, 'XYZ Corporation' sought a cybersecurity partner that could not only react to incidents in real time but also anticipate and mitigate them. This is where the Cybersafe SOC was engaged.

The Challenge: A Stealthy Living Off the Land (LoL) Attack

As part of their proactive cybersecurity strategy, Cybersafe’s SOC was continuously monitoring their endpoints, network and cloud for potential threats. Comprehensive visibility is employed to combat adversaries who become increasingly sophisticated, employing tactics like LoL to bypass existing security measures.

Understanding LoL Attacks

LoL attacks are notorious for blending malicious activities with legitimate tools and processes. This technique allows attackers to fly under the radar, making detection a formidable challenge. Often these activities go undetected by native tools or security software.

The Cybersafe Response

Cybersafe’s SOC was not just a standard security provider; it was a smart and intuitive force that deeply understood the client's operations, allowing them to make significant differences. Here's how the SOC responded to the LoL attack:

Understanding Normalcy

The SOC's strength lays in its comprehensive understanding of how XYZ Corporation's network should function under typical circumstances. It had established baselines for legitimate activities, including those associated with the client's remote access platform.

Early Detection & Investigation

When an anomaly appeared in the environment, the SOC didn't flood 'XYZ Corporation' with alerts. Instead, it embarked on a focused investigation. The objective was clear: to determine if the deviation from the norm was indeed a malicious act.

Thwarting the Attack

Armed with the intelligence gathered during the investigation, the SOC identified the unauthorized activity on the remote access platform as an attack and isolated the impacted system from the environment. It didn't stop there. The SOC went one step further, gathering insights into the attacker's methods and motivations.

Results & Benefits

The SOC's proactive approach led to several key outcomes:

  • Attack Thwarted: Thanks to the SOC's swift action, the LoL attack was foiled before any damage could occur.
  • Enhanced Security: 'XYZ Corporation' was able to shore up vulnerabilities and reinforce security measures, particularly concerning their remote access platform.
  • Valuable Insights: The SOC's intelligence provided 'XYZ Corporation' with a deeper understanding of evolving attack tactics and trends, empowering the corporation to stay ahead of cyber threats.
  • Solidified Trust: By safeguarding XYZ Corporation's data and operations, the SOC solidified a trust-based partnership, making 'XYZ Corporation' feel confident in their cybersecurity defenses.


The 'XYZ Corporation' case study underscores the critical importance of a smart and intuitive SOC that comprehends the unique operations of its clients. In today's cybersecurity landscape, where threats are ever-evolving and attackers are becoming more elusive, such a SOC is not just a vendor—it's a strategic asset.

This case study serves as a reminder that cybersecurity is not merely about reacting to threats; it's about anticipating them and proactively fortifying defenses. 'XYZ Corporation,' with the support of Cybersafe through its XDR offering now possesses the knowledge and capabilities needed to navigate the dynamic and complex world of cybersecurity threats with confidence.