Account Management Program

Quarterly Health Check

Welcome to the Account Management Program, developed to ensure that our clients’ needs and expectations are met with the highest possible standards in mind.

As your trusted Cyber Security Specialist, our goal is to exceed such expectations and deliver solutions to address all your cyber security concerns. 

This quarterly review will provide you with a current status surrounding the health of your environment from a cyber security prospective and help us understand if any changes have taken place within your environment to insure we can maintain a level of awareness on your network.

In addition, our goal is to make sure you are aware of the latest services available to protect your environment, so you are always informed of the latest Cyber Security Best Practices available to your organization.

Lastly, we have a brief satisfaction survey and welcome your feedback to help our executive committee continue to stay several steps ahead of any bad actors seeking to access sensitive data. 

We understand your time is valuable and greatly appreciate your honest evaluation of our service as we tirelessly work together to enhance your Cybersafe Solutions experience. 

Thank You,
Benedetto Filingeri
CEO, Cybersafe Solutions

1. Health Check Review
Review of your environment over the past 90 days and discuss security vulnerabilities.

2. Environment Changes
Have you added any additional locations, employees, equipment, cloud services, ect. that we should be aware of?

3. Additional Protection
Cybersafe is continuously advancing our services to protect our customers.

4. Honest Feedback
As we continue to be a leader in the cybersecurity space, our goal is not only to keep you secure, but also to provide second-to-none service. Please leave us your feedback by taking the satisfaction survey below.