Cybersafe’s specialists perform a customized, in-depth analysis of your network and endpoints to evaluate all aspects of the operating environment with a 100% efficacy rate at uncovering malware, vulnerabilities, outdated software, or rogue devices.

Threat Hunting Engagement
During a Threat Hunt, we evaluate your current security posture by:

  • Reviewing policies, processes, and procedures related to risk
  • Measuring your profile against industry regulatory compliance standards that may include: NIST, ISO, SOX, FTC, GLBA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ITIL, SEC, FFIEC, FINRA and National Security Agency (NSA) policies
  • Generating a comprehensive report that provides a thorough assessment of your system and offers strategic solutions for remediation

Every day, hackers are coming up with new ways to penetrate your system, which is why the experts at Cybersafe are working just as hard to provide and apply the latest advancements in Threat Hunt technology, not just to react to the ever-evolving cyber threat, but also in anticipation of new threats based on trends and industry sources.


Cybersafe will obtain an aggregate list of your assets, while also identifying potential threat agents and ascertaining if data classification is used; i.e., confidential, proprietary or official-transaction-of-record.

Cybersafe will analyze security policies and procedures, workstations, servers and operating systems as well as its firewalls, routers, switches, wireless and security products (e.g. anti-virus, IDS/IPS, patch management, centralized logging, etc.) We will also review access control technologies such as Active Directory and LDAP; collect info on configuration management, version control, critical applications, databases and storage that are assessed by data categorization and criticality; assess the physical security measures you have in place along with third-party interfaces and business continuity.

Cybersafe will identify and prioritize security gaps, the specific tools utilized for mitigating technology security risk, the specific roles or collateral duties that are needed to address risks associated with people, and the specific processes and procedures that need to be updated or created for better cyber hygiene and a more robust cyber defense.

Cybersafe will identify organizational and technical vulnerabilities and obtain your business team’s ranking on the impact to the business.

Cybersafe will provide you with a Cybersecurity Assessment Report that includes an: 1) Executive Summary 2) Project Scope 3) Methodology 4) Findings & Recommendations 5) Cybersecurity Roadmap and 6) Observations Affecting Overall Business Efficiency.

Building upon a proven track record in the government, public and private sectors, Cybersafe’s information security experts have built a rock-solid Threat Hunting team specializing in Incident Management, Forensic Analysis, Application and Enterprise Network Security Assessments.

Cybersafe Aggregated Threat Intelligence

Proactively collecting critical data is a starting point, but what you do with that data is really what’s most important. Applying threat intelligence on top of continuous endpoint visibility enables our Threat Hunting Team to detect attacks in real time and prioritize our investigations.

With the number of advanced attacks increasing every day, Cybersafe focuses on making the endpoint a priority. Our Threat Hunting Team has the tools and expertise to accelerate threat discovery, rapidly finding root cause to quickly identify potential compromise with your organization.

Cybersafe delivers the best solution to hunt for threats by prioritizing collection over detection.


• Respond in Seconds with a Continuous Recording
Automates data acquisition process and layers threat intelligence on top of endpoint visibility. This enables our cyber threat hunters to see the entire kill chain of an attack in seconds to fully scope the environment and instantly isolate, contain and remediate impacted systems.

• Instantly Stop, Disrupt & Remediate Threats
With our endpoint threat banning capability, our team can instantly stop, contain and disrupt advanced threats as well as block the future execution of similar attacks. In addition, our endpoint threat isolation and live response capabilities allows our team to recover from advanced threats faster than any endpoint threat detection and response solution on the market today.

• Prevent Loss, Lawsuits and Liability
Cybersafe’s Threat Hunting Service reduces liability issues by gaining real-time visibility and control into your endpoints. By establishing more effective endpoint controls and safeguards for data, your organization can significantly reduce the risks of business interruptions, non-compliance, data breaches and advanced persistent threats (APTs).


Cybersafe employs customized solutions that offer clients a cost-effective security plan that’s right for your organization.
Protect your critical business information and place full-time cybersecurity management responsibility on the shoulders of
Cybersafe, taking the day-to-day cybersecurity burden off your IT staff by monitoring your network 24/7/365.

Don’t Wait Until A Threat Becomes an Attack

To learn how Cybersafe Solutions can help keep your organization secure, contact us.

Your Threat Hunting Service well exceeded our expectations. We were amazed by the number of findings and security deficiencies discovered during the engagement. Their prioritized cybersecurity roadmap allowed our IT team to quickly address our issues in a timely fashion while significantly reducing our exposure.

Tom F.Financial Advisory Firm

We were looking to hire an outside firm to perform a HIPAA Risk Assessment for our healthcare organization. Their Threat Hunting Service provided not only a comprehensive risk assessment of our environment, but they also detected and disrupted a cyber attack during the assessment. That one attack was convincing enough to sign up for their continuous monitoring service. Go with a trusted security advisor like Cybersafe. You will be happy that you did.

Len N.Healthcare Organization

I thought our environment was secure because we had firewalls and antivirus. It wasn’t until after we started using Cybersafe’s Threat Monitoring platform did we realize we were making assumptions. We can now sleep at night knowing our environment is being watched with the added benefit that we’re also compliant with SEC regulations and guidelines.

Joe M.Financial Advisory Firm