Call Centers: Why Cybersecurity Matters

In April 2015, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it had fined AT&T $25 million for failing to protect its customers’ personal information. The names and social security numbers of hundreds of thousands of wireless users were stolen from AT&T call centers. This information was then sold to unauthorized third parties and used for nefarious […]

The Chauffeurs of Cybersecurity

 “After winning the Nobel Prize, Planck toured around Europe giving a speech. Planck’s chauffeur eventually memorized the speech and asked if he could give it for him, pretending to be Planck, and Planck would pretend to be the chauffeur. So while in Munich, Planck let him do the speech and afterwards someone asked a tough […]

APT without the P

Does the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actually need to be persistent when targeting the private sector?  A strong argument could be made that sophisticated adversaries can gain access to most organizations “at will” with little need to install malware that could potentially: Reveal their presence Be traced back to them Not work Scenario – Car Dealerships […]